pure touch

how life moves through us.jpg

When I die
plant a pinwheel
in an open field
where winter’s wind
and rain march forcefully
across in battalions,
and you can stumble
out there to meet me
one late afternoon
when you feel the world
must surely be ending.

You, soaked
from tears and storms,
kinship with dark sky.
Me, rainbow axis whirling,
an orbit of
joyful defiance.

You then, inspired,
tumble gleefully
across grass, pirouette,
forgetting for a moment
grief’s burden,
knowing the world
will be with you
for many years to come.

Never think
this brief sojourn wasted
as you head back
to the fire waiting at home,
laughing to yourself
the whole way.

~Christine Valters Paintner

how light moves through and then follows us and then sways with our days…..

inquiry for today~   where is the moon? have you looked up tonight? where is your light?

seeing light

If I’m ever down, if life ever lacks meaning for me, I take a long walk. I notice all the little things–microscopic flowers, insects, bark, spider webs, bird songs, water dripping, pine cones popping–I’ve done this ever since I was a child and it always opens me up to a wonderful feeling. I believe that if things don’t turn out the way I want, it’s because there’s a better way up ahead.


2 thoughts on “pure touch

  1. What a beautiful poem! Rare to capture so much feeling in so few stanzas, so few words … the pinwheel is the energy in motion, the love that is our life, our days, our compassion … we are never alone, our ancestors live in the light that surrounds us ! Thank you for sharing, and always for your constance …

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