you are the hero here

those subtle hindrances

For a fish, the Ocean is God

and its need to swim is

its want to know God.


For a bird, the Sky is God

and its urge to fly is

the flutter of its soul.


For a star, the Emptiness

that holds it is God and

the light it is born with

is all it knows.


What Ocean, Sky, or

Emptiness holds you?

~Mark Nepo

when we know we need to wake up…….

inquiry for today~   how will you come alive for living’s sake today?



Meaningful adventure cannot be entered into through one’s head. Those who try to approach journey worthy of the soul with their mental reasoning fail miserably and quickly.

In the end, seeking security becomes the final danger that lulls us back to the familiar things that don’t really work.

Security seeking is on the low end of the evolutionary scale; it is often the contrary counter-­‐force to a heroic endeavor. It goes without saying that there are definite places to play it safe in life, and there are times for being perfectly reasonable. But this will not be a high commodity in the mythic realm of a re-­‐vitalizing adventure.

So another toll to be paid to the gatekeeper of your soul, as you cross the threshold towards a meaningful adventure, is a wholehearted, fiercely loving presence. Those without it turn back in the face of the cold threat of risking security, the heat of intensity, and of the depths in inner diving. The threshold guardians within say to us – ‘get behind your heart, get real, be a vital human being living from your own experience and truth, or go back from where you came -­‐  go back home to the safe and familiar ways of thinking’.

When you are caught up in mental abstractions, conceptualizations or gymnastics, you can’t pass through to the depth of your own soul. You are simply someone confusing the menu with the meal.

What is required of you here is to enter into the spirit of the unknown-­‐-­‐ the Great Mystery of life and living beyond the usual -­‐-­‐ and surrender to the potent uncertainty that is to be found there. It is the first of many, symbolic letting go processes that are required of the hero. Here we may begin to feel how tight our stranglehold is on controlling our environment in order to feel comfortable and “secure”.

Yet when you have a clear awareness that you are literally stepping “off the paved road” and going where there is no clear path, this allows a certain “immediacy” to enter into your present moment existence that can bring you alive. Without crossing this threshold, without this relaxing of our ego state of mind, we tend to live “lives of quiet desperation”, says Thoreau.

We can live for years in a kind of life-­‐sapping sameness of routine, falling asleep in the safety of bland, lifeless roles of adulthood that are culturally sanctioned and reinforced. We tend to live in paths that are so well established that our senses are no longer stimulated or awakened.

Crossing the threshold from our everyday world into the non-­‐ordinary time and space of the Hero’s Journey Intensive is to enter the arena of uncertainty that comes with any true adventure. Here we can discover new meaning, taking the risk of new way of being that is far more life giving and sustaining -­‐ and connecting to the potency of your own masculine self while traveling this unknown path.

New life is an inevitable outcome from such courageous acts of surrender. Don Juan said it well to Carlos Castenada: “The path of the heart requires a full gesture, a degree of abandon that can be terrifying. (But) only then is it possible to achieve a sparkling metamorphosis… and there is just one simple thing wrong with you -­‐ you think you have plenty of time.”

~Michael Mervosh

2 thoughts on “you are the hero here

  1. There is an acceleration of soul growth as on steps into time, then cult-ure takes over and the brave ones (Frost’s words) sink beneath existence line a stone … we must beware – be aware of time bandits – Wetiko!

    • Beautiful reminder. We as poets and lovers of life need to continue to lean into soul realms.
      Thanks for always being there in community g.f.s…..

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