fed by light

she was full of

wildflowers in notebooks

smoke-scented beaches

skipping town


a little bit of

save the world


when we realize we have never really thought life was ok…..

inquiry for today~   ever meet someone who was living wild and free?

don’t drift away 

How are you supposed to start changing your way of thinking? Take baby steps. Be prepared to keep going. Sometimes it will prove easy to intercept negative or critical thoughts and replace them with positive and affirmative ones. Other times it will be like trying to lift a boulder with a feather. Louise Hay says, “As soon as I have a negative thought I compensate it with a loving one. Love always helps, love is the answer to everything.” Every time you discard a harsh judgement about yourself or your life, you open yourself up to the infinite intelligence of your true self and to the possibilities the life has to offer you. If you want to stay motivated, it’s important to be on the lookout for every small miracle, every positive change in yourself, in your life or in the people around you while you’re in the process of changing your thought patterns. “Let it all go, but keep the love. The present moment, that’s the moment when you have the power. You are the only one who can think your thoughts. Only you can determine if your thoughts are true or not. Sometimes people come up to say I changed their lives. But I say, ‘I didn’t do that, you did.’

~Astrid Maria Boshuisen

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