love is not what you think

metta basket

To be human is much more than being born, getting an education, finding the right partner, and getting a pretty house on a nice street, just so that you can sleep, wake work, go to be, and do it all over again. It is an invitation to feel everything, to come into direct contact with the strange, beautiful, horrible, and often perfectly ordinary thing we call life. It is an opportunity to be conscious of the fact that some fo us will make love while others make war. To recognize the truth that there are babies like my granddaughter born into loving arms and caressed by a mother who kisses her bright future into her child’s cheeks, and there are babies whose parents leave them in dumpsters. To embrace the night screams in refugee camps and the giggling of children in living rooms under tents made of couch pillows and bedsheets. There is devastation and hopelessness, and there is passion and holy commitment to creating a better future for everyone. There is me writing and you reading and the separation between us and there is the unity we feel almost immediately when we are reminded that there is love.

~Frank Ostaseski

who needs lovingkindness from you today?… excuses….

inquiry for today~   and it may be time to lay down the knowing and the planning and striving for a bit….just know you’re human…..

for all the miseries

I realize that if I wait until I am no longer afraid to act, write, speak, be, I’ll be sending messages on a Ouija board, cryptic complaints from the other side.

~Audre Lorde

2 thoughts on “love is not what you think

  1. I got stuck on that last quote about the Ouija board. I heard or read about it many times, always in a negative way, but I actually never knew exactly what it is. Now, thanks to your quote by A. Lorde, I read all about it and it does make SOME sense.
    I don’t need one of those, as I talk with my body all the time. I ask if he (der Körper, le corps, the body) agrees with my mind and I get answers pretty clearly! Not always what I would like to hear, but I get it….
    Also, since nearly everything happens in the head (first and utmost), it’s quite simple to then ‘translate’ thoughts, flashes of something or other into a language both, body and mind, spirit, heart and soul, understand and one can react accordingly.
    What I cannot control at all, are my nightly jerkings of legs and the fact that if I only have an inkling of a thought bothering me in any way, my body ‘translator’ sends me IMMEDIATELY to the nearest bathroom and I need to discharge. A oftentimes troubling but very, very honest reaction to something I more often than not, haven’t even finished thinking. It’s without fail, always something or other negative…. concerning a development in my life which is a problem, somebody’s health or wellbeing, and I’ll never have the excuse that I keep ‘eating up’ my problems. No, THEY decide to get out, now, immediately, and I ONLY have to follow suit…. There you are, now you know my deepest secrets – and all that thanks to an Ouija board 🙂

    • When we feel and acknowledge these “deep secrets”- not only do we begin to move, we begin to notice that we all have these secrets. May your body continue to meet your life where you are. May your self-compassion grow from this wise place. Many blessings Kiki…..

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