who is really worthy?

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Sometimes, I am sad and lonely. And it’s nothing a bubble bath can fix because applying a band-aid is not the same as having a caring heart. As Reb Anderson writes in Being Upright, “All suffering is worthy of compassion.” That means that our own suffering too is worthy of our own compassion. Self-care might be. one-off event, but self-caring is a living practice that allows our innate capacity for caring to emerge and, even more, to ripen and increase. When we think of “self-caring” as just “caring,” we are already moving toward a larger view of this practice, one that is fro benefit of all beings, including ourselves.

Tending is when you engage in nurturing activities and attitudes that help you feel safe and calm. Befriending means spending time with community and family- experiences that also support tending. By attending to yourself with kindness and being willing to take responsibility for your own caring, you are tending and befriending yourself.

Think of this as toggling between the active requirements of your life and the receptive moment that you choose- together they help you become more resilient through the gateway of your body.

~Cyndi Lee

inner change touches your world in a million unexpected ways….

inquiry for today~   arising in soft dark is seeing the sweet from within……


The Tibetan Buddhist tradition defines renunciation as accepting what comes into our lives and letting go of what leaves our lives. To renounce in this sense is to come to a state of simple being. We have a moment of seeing, a moment of hearing, tasting, touching, smelling, thinking – just a moment, and then it is gone. When we look very carefully, we see that our experience is like a cascade of impressions. If we rely upon any one of these transiencies for a sense of permanent satisfaction, we lose the happiness of simply being. Just imagine for a moment the stillness and peace of not leaning forward even for the next breath. This is being, rather than becoming, and this is the power and fullness of Metta.

Metta occurs in timelessness. With real love we do not focus on the future- on what we want, or what we fear, or what we have to guard against. We can actually allow things to be the way they are. Metta takes us outside the realm of time, expectation, and disappointment.

~Sharon Salzberg

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