this forever moment

maybe a little pause.jpg

Our one breath follows another

like spotted horses,

no two alike.

Black manes and white manes, they gallop.

Piebald and skewbald, eyes flashing sorrow,

they too will pass.

~Jane Hirshfield

how we hear the cadence of our days is how we live them…..

inquiry for today~   this shrewd sitting practice calls you back again and again… what?

what is happening?

Sometimes I imagine the end of my life, asking big questions: Did I use my time well? Was I kind? Was I tender with the limitations of others, of myself, of my life? All these questions seem to boil down to whether I paid attention- deeply enough, in the right way.’ Look around. What is near you? Appreciate any visual objects. Next, listen into space. Any sounds you notice? Let sounds be purely sounds. Sense any silence around them.

What is good meditation? How do we do it, and why? There is no “God’s eye” answer, because subjective experience is where meditation practices= starts and ends. That’s our human, common substrate- as living beings, we know and feel our own, differing lives. This is the raw material we work with in meditation. How amazing that we can.

~Kate Lila Wheeler

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