the feel of beauty

Sixty-seven years, oh Lord, to look at the clouds,

the trees in deep, moist summer,

daisies and morning glories

opening every morning

their small, ecstatic faces—

Or maybe I should just say

how I wish I had a voice

like the meadowlark’s,

sweet, clear, and reliably

slurring all day long

from the fencepost, or the long grass

where it lives

in a tiny but adequate grass hut

beside the mullein and the everlasting,

the faint-pink roses

that have never been improved, but come to bud

then open like little soft sighs

under the meadowlark’s whistle, its breath-praise,

its thrill-song, its anthem, its thanks, its

alleluia. Alleluia, oh Lord.

~Mary Oliver

this beautiful day……wherever you are…..

inquiry for today~ how many times will you notice your world? look up? and look down, feeling your feet……

from the depths of sky and sea

In the wilderness, one of the things we can come to understand is the true nature e of our being. We are partly drawn into the woods, to the ocean, and to lush green meadows, because the waves, trees, and grasses are free from egoist habits of grandiosity, deficiency, comparing, or judging. They rest naturally in what they are, without self-consciousness, merged within the seamless fabric of life. There is beautiful freedom in that existence, and with close contact, we can have a similar experience of unity.

~Mark Coleman

2 thoughts on “the feel of beauty

  1. All of this is SO beautiful – and I saw my first child-head-sized summer-magnolia flower when I was about 48 in South Devon, UK in a precious and beautiful setting of culture, music, teaching and beauty – and now I have TWO of these magnolia trees in my garden….

    • I’ve been enjoying the magnolia blossoms come and go in my London courtyard…..on holiday here, and I am reminded how I attach such meaning to time and place and space and nature…..I collect all kinds of stones, shells, feathers, sticks, acorns, sea glass, and all the odd bits of a life. May you enjoy your life mirrored back to you……

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