and there is another surprise

Metta practice builds on the foundation of mindfulness. You’ll recall that mindfulness is awareness of what’s happening in the present moment. When we’re upset, we’re usually mindless- preoccupied with our personal stories- rather than simply aware that we’re in discomfort or that it hurts to feel that way. Mindfulness is the ability to feel our pain- if there’s pain to feel- and stay out of the drama. That’s step one in Metta practice. When we’re aware of and open to discomfort, kindness and compassion flow more easily.

When we fall to pieces, we need to be put back together again. Metta is designed to do that, especially when the practice is used in everyday life. Loving-kindness meditation uses the power of connection, whereas mindfulness meditation primarily uses attention. Both Metta and mindfulness transform the way we relate to what’s happening in our lives- they’re relational practices- but Metta focuses specifically on the person who’s suffering. Metta meditation teaches us how to be a better friend to ourselves.

~Christopher Germer

and how will you measure your concerns?

inquiry for today~ when the tears find you, be grateful……

simple heart

Suffering doesn’t disappear from our life, but into our life.

~Barry Magid

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