how to cherish everything

We have this way of talking, and we have another.

Apart from what we wish and what we fear may happen,

we are alive with other life, as clear stones

take form in the mountain.


when I see beauty, I cannot deny my own suffering anymore

inquiry for today~ what inspires your ways of being today?

and now, how to transform

Learning to walk

like this again,

we’ll take that first step

in the morning light

toward mortality,


out of the garden,

through the woods,

along the river,

over the bridge

toward the mountain.

It’s simple,

that’s what we’ll do,

practicing as we go


we’ll be glimpsed, 

traveling westward, 

no longer familiar,

an arriving


greeted, as we were 

at our birth,

as probable 

and slightly 

dangerous strangers,



coming into view,


an outlander

come from 

so far away,

that surprising 

and arriving 


in our smile,


we are 

and always

have been,

under our disguise,

some suddenly

appearing wave,

some wild risk

about to break 


on an unbelieving


~David Whyte

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