like clouds

That which just is. Sometimes in objectless awareness we turn our attention to awareness itself, and it is neither that which contains everything nor that which knows, but is more like a deep felt sense that we are aware. We are here. We are fully present, and everything seems to be happening on its own. this way of experiencing awareness is unshakable, that it spontaneously is present and that there is not much you can do to stop being aware. No matter what is happening, including thoughts, we are fully and uncompromisingly aware.

What if you were to simply be here? No agenda, nothing to do, nowhere to go. Just be. Everything is happening on its own. What would be here if you didn’t have a problem to solve? If nothing was wrong?

~Diana Winston

maybe. no. try again.

inquiry for today~ sometimes- we need to completely rewire- to start over-

here to belonging

Letting go, the process of not holding on, is an important facet of mindfulness practice and a key determinant in our well being. It is the potential for how we can relate to each moment’s experience without contention or trying to grab or control it. As soon as we grasp something, it’s as if we strangle it. That is particularly true if we cling to another person or to something that will inevitable fade. A cause of so much of our anguish is this tendency to grasp after, hold on to, or reject experience. Tis leads to an endless struggle with what is and leaves us perennially ill at ease.

We can all get upset and reactive, whether about the smallest of things or over deeply important matters. It all depends on the strength of our attachment in the moment. However, it is important to remember that simply letting go, or non grasping, does not mean passivity. We can care deeply about the world and act change what needs improving, such as working to relieve the suffering of others and helping to end injustice, poverty, and racism. We can respond to problems in life that cause pain, not with blinkered, knee-jerk reactivity, but with passionate engagement and a compassionate desire to help. It is the space of letting go that frees us up to respond more effectively to such things.

~Mark Coleman

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