how life feeds the soul

One cannot divine nor forecast the conditions

that will make happiness;

one only stumbles upon them by chance,

in a lucky hour, at the worlds’ end somewhere,

and holds fast to the days.

~Willa Cather

what is next?

inquiry for today~ what is the revelry of your life? what is the adventure of the day?

we should all be so wide-eyed

If the treasure- the truth of our life- is so close at hand, why is it so difficult for us to wake up, rub our eyes, and reach out to find what is within arm’s reach? The great scholar of Hinduism Heinrich Zimmer reflects, And so, the real treasure, the treasure that brings our wretchedness and our ordeals to an end, is never far away. We must never go looking for it in distant lands, for it lies buried int eh most secret recesses of our own house; in other words, our own being. But then there is the strange and constant fact that it is only after a pious journey to a distant region, in a strange land, a new country, that the meaning of the inner voice guiding our search can be revealed to us.

“The strange and constant fact” that Zimmer refers to is at the core of the mysterious drawing power of pilgrimage. All of the answers are within us, but such is our tendency toward forgetting that we sometimes need to venture to a faraway land to tap our own memory. Our intuitive self has shut down; our light into the transcendent has gone out.

“The archaic image of the soul is likened to treasure hidden in the midst of the body,” wrote the distinguished professor of religion Mircea Eliade.

The irrepressible desire to see deeply into ourselves and the world evokes what Hindus call dana, “the long pure look.”

There are many ways that individuals and cultures can, and do, lose their souls. To our peril, we forget that the gold is at hand; we forget that there is a hidden door, a secret room in all our lives. The force behind myths, fairytales, parables and soulful travel stories reveals the myriad ways the sacred breaks through the resistance and shines for the into our world Pilgrimage holds out the promise fo personal contact with the sacred force.

~Phil Cousineau

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