those smooth edges

The body is acutely sensitive to even the tiniest flickering of emotion that moves constantly across the mind. The body often detects or thoughts almost before we’ve consciously registered them ourselves and frequently reacts as if they are solid and real, whether they accurately reflect the world or not. But the body does not just react to what the mind is thinking- it also feeds back emotional information into the brain that can then end up enhancing fears, worries and general overall angst and unhappiness. If there is one thing that we need to learn in order to bring peace and ease of being into our lives in the midst of a frantic world, it is how to come home to the part of ourselves we have ignored for too long.

~Mark Williams

for the tiniest discomforts that are actually simmering wishes….

inquiry for today~ as fragile as all of our dreams…..what do you feel under low-hanging clouds today….and how do you know how you feel?

a different story

She believed she could

but she was tired-

so she rested and you know what?

The world went on

and it was ok.

She knew she could try

again tomorrow.

~the minds journal

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