step in to your knowing

To enter an awakened dimension

often means living within its rules

prior to awakening to its truths.

~Rodney Smith

find your eyes open to the wild and expressive life

inquiry for today~ how will you wish your life to awaken? what do you hold?

complacency or denial

The psychologist Martin Seligman says that people seek happiness in 3 ways: the Pleasant Life, the Engaging Life, and the Meaningful Life. Research has shown that pleasure contributes less to overall happiness that either being fully engaged in your life or having a meaningful life. Being “engaged” means knowing your strengths and building them into your relationships and leisure activities. When you’re good at a task, you can become completely absorbed in it- you enter the “flow”- which is a deeply satisfying experience. A “meaningful life’ is one in which you use your strengths fo the greater good- something larger than yourself. Altruistic pursuits and Metta meditation fit here.

These are guides, not prescriptions. For example, some well-meaning people have a tendency to deny themselves pleasure as they pursue the greater good, which can make them harsh and judgmental. Other individuals may need a little encouragement to extend themselves to others so they can enjoy the satisfaction of making a difference in someone’s life. Even absorption in daily activities, though highly satisfying, is not universally desirable. Periods of confusion and doubt are necessary for us to grow. Use this understanding to bring balance and happiness into your life.

~Christopher Germer

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