silence as an offering

Once we feel welcome in our own lives,

and safe and grounded in our body,

we can start shifting our attention to being here

rather than being there.

~Jillian Pransky

what do you know to be true and open in your life?

inquiry for today~ your little life isn’t as important as your big life

breaking open

What would it be like to be truly content with what we have? You can understand that in regard to material things, of course, but I also mean it in regard to our life in total. What would it be like to walk down the street like that? Not imagining where you’re going or where you’re coming from but being content with whatever the street, the world, has to offer at exactly that moment in time.

The gate of liberation is always open. Liberation from what? Liberation from walking around in a dream, like a zombie looking for contentment outside your immediate and precious life. If only you could actually recognize and receive what is heart in front of you, rather than what you wish were here instead. Why is that so hard? I don’t know, but I do know that I certainly have a tendency to want to adjust my environment to myself, not the other way around. instead, is it possible for us to constantly give thanks for whatever our life gives us? This is how to practice being truly content with what we have- even when it seems impossible.

~Koshin Paley Ellison

2 thoughts on “silence as an offering

    • To remember our bodies as fierce connectors to sunsets, to family, to being-ness……this is so wonderful, hard, and necessary. And this is why we are kind to this tender way. Thank you Jane:)

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