I see all that is new

Let the creative process start to move through you. Pick a discipline, pay attention to the masters in your field. Practice your craft, your art, your dance, your skills. Then open to a bigger, more mysterious flow. Creativity needs letting go, and attentive releasing to allow something new to be born. Follow your instincts, your feelings, your senses, your body. Let a small feeling of irritation become a rivulet that leads to a poem whose rush of feeling breaks through a dike holding back anger with God and a the extinction the rhinoceros. Initiate wildly, break up, build up, try deliberate errors, circle, go down, get over your ideas, get over yourself, and above all, trust. Creativity is a way of allowing the ever-renewing energies of life to move through you.

When you open yourself to creativity, faith in life’s wellspring grows. This trust allows you to listen, collaborate, fail, discover, explore, and see anew. As you open and listen, something new will be born. Rilke explains, “Being an artist means ripening like a tree which- stands confidently in the storm of winter to afraid that summer may not come It always comes.”

~Jack Kornfield

what we see as dark in the first light of day is actually the sun shifting its muse….

inquiry for today~ how do you seek awe and delight?

the color of night brightening to day

I am less interested in what people profess that what they do. Watch how they live, how they treat people and things, the care they give to the garden and the house, what they do for the community, how they arrange things in their homes and apartments. Maybe there is more creative power in private acts and intimate reflections than sweeping revolutionary movements.

We feel that home is farthest removed from the centers of power nd creative influence, when it may be the opposite. There is an unrealized creative power that exist to he peripheries of our lives and in the small things that we do within our personal environments.

~Shaun McNiff

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