blessings for the real deal

In the pursuit of learning,

every day something is acquired.

In the pursuit of Tao,

every day something is dropped.

Less and less is done

Until no-action is achieved.

When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.

The world is ruled by eating things take their course.

It cannot be ruled by interfering.

~Lao Tzu

when I forget I’m not the center of the drama, I can remember how to be….

inquiry for today~ and when you are humbled into perspective, your gracious heart may arrive……

how many times

In the Iroquois tradition, the elders of the tribe teach the young ones to look deeply into every situation and to come up with at least six levels of interpretation or explanation. So, pick a situation that challenges you to make sense of it. This may be a challenge that has developed at work or in a relationship, something related to the behavior or action of another person, or this may be the reason that something happened or did not happen in your life.

Think deeply about the situation and come up with at least six different plausible explanations for it. Once each explanation is clear in your mind, assign a probability that reflects how likely that is the best explanation. Once you have ranked each explanation, mentally step back and contemplate the meaning-making workings of your mind and the relativity of every conclusion, interpretation, assumption, and belief that you may come to.

At first this may be a very difficult exercise for you, which may mean that you may have a serious case of “pschosclerosis”- hardening of the attitudes. Yet with practice, your thinking will grow more supple, your mind will open to recognize more possibilities, and this kind of reflective inquiry will become easier- and will be more fun to do.

~Joel Levey

4 thoughts on “blessings for the real deal

      • IB, I was faced with a rant from someone who was not in their best space. I fell back into thinking of different perspectives from their point of view and it took the heat out of it. ❤

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