feel your funny little ways

Although Mercy is a metaphysical substance- its rate of vibration is higher than that of the coarse material plane of existence we live within and sense- its vibrations can be actively received within being as a substance that concentrates in the body.
On a visit to Sénanque several years ago, a Catholic woman who had participated in several retreats there (Sénanque is one of the very few still-active ancient Cistercian abbeys in the world which allows lay visitors to participate) said:
“When you pray here for some days with the monks, you begin to feel God in the body.”
She said this with a sense of awe and wonder appropriate to the experience, which is the truth: one can feel God in the body.
This is the sensation of Mercy as it flows downward into Being and is received by the devout. It’s an experience hard-won and only available, for the most part, under what we’d call “special” circumstances; if it matures, one experiences what Paul called “the peace of God which passes all understanding.” Yet for all of our secular and philosophical musings about mercy in its many temporal forms- often associated with strictly human institutions such as the justice system- it’s the encounter with this metaphysical manifestation of Mercy as a flow of Grace into Being that truly reveals its dimension as an inner force. Human beings are created with the capacity to open our inner being to the receipt of this flow of Mercy. To do so is one of the inner aims of the religious life. Its actions are understood to be deeply transformational; yet like the peace it bestows, it passes all understanding- everything the intellectual mind can offer.

~Lee van Laer

when we begin to see and feel and allow our unique ways of being….

inquiry for today~ how does acceptance begin to lighten the load a bit? where is mercy today?

this plush and plentiful life

We tend to bestow our judging mind with unquestioned power and authority, but this risks an inaccurate self-perception. Instead, listen and question, without believing every word. Take back your right to evaluate the credibility of judgments and your own self-worth. By clarifying your relationship to the judging mind, you can reclaim your power to establish a more accurate self-perception and stable sense of well-being.

When you are less burdened by the inner critic, how does that shift how you view yourself and others? Does it allow you to see yourself and everyone else in a more accurate light? If so, notice the positive impact.

~Mark Coleman

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