enchantment with the norm

Being a monk in the world means, for me, choosing to live contemplatively in resistance to the demand for speed, to live mindfully and with intention instead of rushing through life, to savor my experience rather than consume it, and to remember that my self-worth is not defined by how much I do or achieve, and so I am called to make time for simply being.

At the heart of contemplative prayer is an encounter with the Holy One who mystics like John of the Cross tell us dwells in our hearts as a “living flame of love”. Contemplative living is about relationship and extending that infinite source of compassion within us to self, others, and creation.

~Christine Valters Paintner

who dwells. who sees. who ignites passion.

inquiry for today~ what/who/when/why- the call to design your best life?

when we inspire

True acceptance is a natural ripening of practice. It can’t be forced. There’s a wisdom aspect, plus the requisite kindness. When we truly accept, we realize in a deep, intuitive way that antagonizing ourselves is wasted effort and that the only intelligent alternative is to let go. In the true acceptance phase, acceptance and self-compassion can occur in a flash, often which only a touch of conscious awareness. The instinctive effort to avoid discomfort may linger somewhere in the background, but we’ve seen through it. We give ourselves kindness for its own sake. True acceptance also has the experience of common humanity. We don’t feel singled out by our personal idiosyncrasies. There’s the sense that no matter what ails us, someone somewhere is probably struggling int he same way with the same dilemma. With true acceptance, we care for ourselves because life is hard and a merciful response seems the only intelligent option.

~Christopher K. Germer

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