devoted to something

By shaping and transforming thoughts we free ourselves from their control. We are usually lived by our thoughts. They come to us, we accept them, and they control us. Working on them, instead, gives us a sense of mastery and objectifies the mental world. Ideas are no longer intangible, undefinable entities that govern us without our even realizing it. Now they are out there, so to speak- mental objects we can observe, weigh, question, and transform.

In Naropa’s Tibetan yoga, adepts train themselves during sleep to transform mental images- for instance, they turn an animal into a man, water into fire, earth into space, the one into the man, and the many into the one. The aim, says Naropa, is to “realize that all things are manifestations of the mind.”

We can transform our thoughts and thereby reframe our world.

~Piero Ferrucci

oh how I miss who I thought I was….

inquiry for today~ when truth is not available, what will you lean on?

how we shape-shift

You sense that there is some sort of spirit that loves birds and animals and the ants

perhaps the same one who gave a radiance to you in your mother’s womb

Is it logical you would be walking around entirely orphaned now?

The truth is you turned away from yourself

and decided to go into the dark alone

Now you are tangle up in others, and have forgotten

what you once knew,

and that’s why everything you do has

some weird failure in it


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