subtleties of life in color

When we are open and receptive, we have options. We are free to discover, to investigate, and to learn how to respond skillfully to anything we encounter. We can’t be free if we are rejecting any part of our lives. With welcoming comes an ability to meet and work with both pleasant and unpleasant circumstances. Gradually, with practice, we discover that our well-being is not solely dependent on what’s happening in our external reality; it comes from within.

In order to experience true freedom, we need to be able to welcome everything just as it is. At the deepest level, this invitation,like life itself, asked us to cultivate a kid of fearless receptivity. welcome everything, push away nothing cannot be done solely as an act of will. To welcome everything is an act of love.

~Frank Ostaseski

when death brings in this most amazing and surreal light, like the master paintings of Renault or Monet….

inquiry for today~ imagine color of heart and spirit divining new light upon you…

touching the power of sweetness

In my end is my beginning.

~T.S. Eliot

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