a little closer

Mindfulness allows us to watch our thoughts, see how one thought leads to the next, decide if we’re heading down an unhealthy path, and, if so, let go and change directions. It allows us to see that who we are is much more than a fearful or envious or angry thought. We can rest in the awareness of the thought, in the compassion we extend to ourselves if the thought makes us uncomfortable, and in the balance and good sense we summon as we decide whether and how to act on the thought.

As we observe any strong emotion, noticing where we feel it in the body, we’re likely to find that it’s not one thing but a composite. Anger includes moments of sadness, moments of helplessness, moments of frustration, moments of fear. What seems so solid and unyielding, so inflexible and permanent, is actually moving and changing. I’ve noted this before, but we can never be reminded enough. When we notice this, we begin to feel that strong or painful emotion is more manageable than we imagined.

~Sharon Salzberg

what do ya know?

inquiry for today~ we “think” it’s all so difficult and complex- maybe it’s just a little more about the kinder twinkle that comes upon us when we forget and simply stop picking ourselves apart……

within this body

Payu- discernment, is the most important tool in life, because being alive involves making one decision after another, knowing what to do and when. If we have not developed a standard for making decisions, we make poor choices based on living life backward- engaging in negative emotions and feeling frustrated that they don’t being satisfaction. How can we break free of the “me” plan if we don’t apply discernment?

Our mind is always being distracted by thought of what already happened and ideas about what cold happen, but the only thing that is really happening is what is happening now. We are learning to be where we are by synchronizing body and mind. Placing our mind not eh breath, noticing when thoughts steal our focus, and coming back to the breath is like finding a really nice place to live; we’re satisfied, so we don’t go out looking for more. We know we have enough.

What derails payu is lack of direction. We’re still caught up in the changing mind, of “me”; we’re not convinced that virtue leads to happiness. Without a strong motivation to use discernment, we buy into our habit of running around in circles of meaningless thought. Our wind is wild; we’re too distracted to connect the heaven of our mind with the earth of our activity. We forget about the space that lies beneath that agitation.

~Sakyong Mipham

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