sacred & alive

This pure mind, which is the source of all things, shines forever with the radiance of its own perfection. But most people are not aware of it and thing that the Mind is just the faculty that sees, hears, feels, and knows. Blinded by their own sight, hearing, feeling, and knowing they do not perceive the radiance of the Source.


the little ways of being caught up and disliking and fixing….

inquiry for today~ and then there’s the wide open space of light and flow and big, sweet clouds…..


Thoughts are the fossils of the living reality of life’s experience. They freeze the flow of direct experience shattering the stream into the illusion of an experiencer who stands apart from an experienced object. Understanding this dilemma, the contemplative traditions have developed many methods for enabling individuals to free themselves from confusion and illusion in order to encounter reality directly in its pristine nakedness.

To mindfully recognize the reality of thoughts as expressions of a deeper reality of our being, to consciously engage in the thinking process in a more coherent and natural manner, and to maintain a presence of mid deeper than thoughts, is a fine art few people dream of mastering.

Reflective meditation helps us to recognize the ways wee create and construct our world with our concepts. Most people live in an imaginary world, mistaking their beliefs, assumptions, fantasies, and thoughts for reality; adept meditators flirt with reality. Looking deeply into our mind, the structures of our thoughts are revealed, assumptions are questioned, and confusions and illusions are unraveled. In the process we come to understand the difference between the reality of ourselves, others, and our world, and the stories that our thinking minds weave about those realities.

~Joel Levey & Michelle Levey

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