touch the moment

Just for today claim a window of time – even ten minutes is enough to begin – and rest into an experience of stillness. Connect gently with your breath, breathing in the life-sustaining breath of the spirit, breathing out and releasing whatever distracts us from this moment.  As thoughts or anxieties arise, gently release them and return to this moment. The invitation is toward both an outer and inner silence.  Notice the way silence nourishes you and consider ways to give yourself this gift each day.

~Christine Valters Paintner

how to be. how to listen. how to feel.

inquiry for today~ may you truly feel the sweet nuance and deep revelations of the tiniest moments of quiet…with you and for you…..


As we sit we may experience many different sensations:

our bodies may become very warm or very cold,

our skin may become prickly and uncomfortable.

There may be a melting feeling, as if liquid gold was coursing through us.

We may see beautiful colors. We may hear the body/mind

get stuck in old conversations.

These phenomenon are not of much importance.

They are continually changing, moving,

and passing on to something else.

Bit by bit, we may learn to see that everything

is impermanent, always rising or falling.

We may learn that all phenomena rest on something deeper;

something vast, endless and timeless- our source.

~Gunilla Norris

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