around here

There is therapeutic art, of course. It has to do with sensing where the chronic, unchanging, unconscious aspects of our character manifest, where the energy is, and with being able to evoke those aspects within un so that we can explore them more consciously and deeply. But if one experiment is not quite on target, it will soon become apparent and the process will correct itself, because we are organic systems whose inner wisdom can be trusted.

Taoism is a radical affirmation of the trustworthiness of creation. It takes precedence even over the wisdom we seek, because wisdom itself can be made into an idol, perverted and objectified in a way that fosters great harm. Whenever we think we have something we can clutch or grasp in certainty, there is danger. All spiritual traditions undercut our attachments and allegiances that we lean on for security, for these are the very things that lead us to defend, impose, and attack.

~Greg Johanson and Ron Kurtz

how to be more caring, more trusting, more rooted in the heart….

inquiry for today~ how alone we are in realizing our own unique qualities of receiving instruction to live fully…..

hold on lightly

We need to maintain our practice at every moment, regardless of the circumstances. Our inspiration is impermanence and our means are love and compassion. Only through lovingkindness and insight into reality will we ever find true and lasting joy and the capacity to benefit both others and ourselves. Happiness and the cause of happiness can arise only through lovingkindness and insight into the nature of things. There is no other way.

~Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche

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