let’s be in this

Our awareness of our depth of being is fleeting. Yet just because we close our eyes doesn’t mean the sun has disappeared. And just because we can’t keep the unquestionable fact of being alive in view doesn’t mean that the inherent vitality of life has disappeared. We are more than what happens to us. We are more than what we think or fear. The turbulence we encounter is very real, but underneath what happens to us is the inherent, unwavering fact of life filling us from within.

Under all the tension to being and fit in, under all the psychological weather, there is a place of stillness that is immune to our submitting and resisting. When we can put down all our reasons and excuses, it’s from this inner plateau of being that we begin to experience life directly again. This sense of utter being doesn’t come from willfulness or determination. It comes when the bottom of our personality nakedly touches the common center of all life. When life-force enters us directly and moves through us completely, our authority of being can’t be denied.

Once we remove our masks and opinions, our authority of being resides in whatever point of stillness we can no longer question.

~Mark Nepo

when we’re too tired to ask questions, we are too tired to seek truth…

inquiry for today~ how do you know you matter? that your graciousness of truth-seeking gives meaning?

what’s under the need to know?

The practice of integrity requires caution in asserting intuition as truth. The aphorisms we so often cite as proof of our innate moral sense are not necessarily wrong; it’s just that they entail no cognitive effort to confirm intuition. Intuition yields a false certainty, much as a distant patch of road looks wet on a hot day before we invoke the laws of physics to dispel the illusion. And with our proneness to focusing on the available and confirming the familiar (the availability and confirmation biases), it’s little wonder we feel certain about our moral choices and blame the problems we see around us not he wrong moral choices of others.

Discernment is the sill that deconstructs “intuitional” knowledge and brings it down to earth. The skill of discernment compels this question: “Have I made a promise, or has one arisen from a reasonable expectation of others that creates a duty I am required to fulfill?” The skill of discernment overcomes the illusion of inconsequence that taking cup of coffee from a giant corporation has nothing to do with our readiness to handle big things.

How do you know when something is “big enough” to count? When yo realize that your answer is based on a feeling you can’t quite put your finger on, that’s the signal that there may be a duty hidden behind the feeling, waiting to be fulfilled.

~Stuart H. Brody

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