what you fear

Life goes on without regard to our partial or selfish desires. Accordingly, joy and anger, sadness and happiness, love and hate, and all kinds of thoughts and emotions are woven together. If everything, including misfortune, illness, and failure, is unconditionally accepted as it is, then all experience may be constructively enjoyed. The merciful world of the Buddha embraces all people exactly as they are. It is a world in which people who swear they will never be deluded, but who will soon fall into bewilderment, are generously embraced as they are by the Buddha. If one wished to express this concept on a scroll, I would suggest the words, “Meandering lines and missing letters make it more interesting.”

Birth, old age, illness, and death, as well as happiness and misfortune, gain and loss, love and hate- all these are important tools for weaving the brocade of human life. A brocade cannot be woven with the single color of happiness. Given time, place, and occasion, everything “contains all colors.” It is in their way that the Pure Land, the Other Shore, is made manifest.

~Shundo Aoyama Roshi

here. not here. returning.

inquiry for today~ sometimes seeing where we are on the continuum of our life can be the catalyst for change…..

simple mode of being

How in the world do we bounce back from traumas? By strengthening our resilience. Resilience- the capacity to bend with the wind, go with the flow, bounce back from adversity- has been pondered, studied, and taught in tribes and societies, in philosophical and spiritual traditions, and through literature for eons. It is essential to the survival and thriving of human beings and human societies.

Importantly, whether we’re facing a series fo small annoyances or an utter disaster, resilience is teachable, learnable, and recoverable. It takes practice, and it takes awareness, but that power always lies within us.

When the self-regulating capacity of your brain is functioning well, you can inhabit or quickly recover a felt sense of centeredness, ease, and well-being water an upsetting event. You regain your equilibrium. From there you can perceive clearly what’s triggering your emotions and discern what a wise response to those triggers would be.

~Linda Graham

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