to recognize openheartedness

An ability to be more mindful and aware allows us to handle whatever life brings with aplomb, equanimity, and even a sense of humor about things. It is a tool for accessing our inherent goodness and doing so reminds us that, deep down, we know we can handle life. Understanding that we have access to natural awareness shows us that even when life’s problems seem insurmountable, we will get through them somehow.

The suffering of the world can break your heart- and that’s on a good day. Sometimes life’s challenges are so overwhelming al we can do is live through them, bearing each day the best we can. But accessing our natural awareness can help us manage despair. Practicing natural awareness is in no way about passivity. in the face of injustice or personal or global suffering, natural awareness can connect us to our inner resources and open our heart to compassion. It can motivate us to act with awareness, even-mindedness, wisdom, and love, rather than from a place of disempowerment, rage, fear, or grief. This is the promise of awareness.

~Diana Winston

and when I return to “being”- there is more rather than less, deep calm rather than fear and something “else”….

inquiry for today~ notice when you feel clear and steady today….

other names for the heart

Sit comfortably, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and settle in. Notice your present experience. Feel the various sensations of your body. Take your time to observe each of these.

Bring your attention to any emotions you may be experiencing. Notice how they feel in the interior of your body. Be aware of the thoughts that arise and pass through your mind like clouds that come and go in the sky. Don’t try to stop or change them. Notice when you attention hops onto a train of thought.

Ask yourself, “What is this that is are of thought?” Don’t think about it. Relax into this background awareness. Notice the nature of this awareness. Does it exist at any time other than now? Can it be located in space? Does it have any center or boundary? Does it have any form at all? Explore your experience of it.

Can this awareness be defined, or is it empty of all definition? Does it refuse anything, or is it open to all experience? Is it unconscious, or is it awake, aware, and knowing?

Now be this empty, open, awake awareness.

~John J. Prendergast

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