willing it to be so

What does it mean to “speak our own truth” in a circle of trust? Of course, the question cannot be answered in terms of the content, which will vary vastly depending on who is speaking and when.

But no matter what the content may be, speaking our truth in a circle of trust always takes the same form: we speak from our own center to the center of the circle- to the receptive heart of the communal space- where what we day will be held attentively and respectfully. This way of speaking differs markedly from everyday conversations in which we speak from our own intellect or ego directly to the intellect or ego of someone on whom we hope to have an impact.

~Parker J. Palmer

and how will you live your entire life like it’s passing by unnoticed?

inquiry for today~ your life is the way- is that right for you?

how deep?

At some point in your growth, it starts to become quieter inside. This happens quite naturally as you take a deeper seat within yourself. You then come to realize that though you have always been in there, you have been completely overwhelmed by the constant barrage of thoughts, emotions, and sensory inputs that draw on your consciousness. AS you see this, it begins to dawn on you that you might actually be able to go beyond all these disturbances. The more you sit I the seat of witness consciousness, the more you realize that since you are completely independent of what you are watching, there must be a way to break free of the magical hold that the psyche has on your awareness. There must be a way out.

~Michael Singer

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