work, sleep, eat, land

The fires of spiritual longing that were kindled in their youth and dwindled as they matured are now flaming up again. ‘but these impulses have shifted, deepened. While their appetite for direct spiritual experience has intensified, they are no longer as motivated by the desire for personal enlightenment (or even the belief in such a thing) as they once were. Their own awakening is intimately entwined with the liberation of all beings. They experience the tribulations of the world in the cells of their own bodies, and they dedicate the fruits of their spiritual efforts to the whole of the human family and to the Earth. They have stepped across the threshold from fertile woman to wise elder, and this new landscape is more wondrous than they could have imagined.

~Marabai Starr

cold and calculating is deeply inquisitive and lost….

inquiry for today~ what fits in your worldview today?

open and responsive

To be human is much more than being born, gettin an education, finding the right partner, and getting a pretty house on. nice street, just so that you can sleep, wake, work, go to bed, and do it all over again. It is an invitation to feel everything, to come into direct contact with the strange, beautiful, horrible, and often perfectly ordinary thing we call life. It is an opportunity to be conscious fo the fact that some of us will make love while others make war.

To recognize the truth that there are babies like my granddaughter born into the loving arms and caressed by a mother who kisses her bright future into her child’s cheeks, and there are babies like Carolyn, a woman I know whose parents left her in a Dumpster.

To embrace the night screams in refugee camps and the giggling of children in living rooms under tents made of couch pillows and bedsheets. There is devastation and hopelessness, and there is passion and holy commitment to crating a better future for everyone. There is me wetting and you reading and the separation between us, and there is the unity we feel almost immediately when we are reminded that there is love.

~Frank Ostaseski

3 thoughts on “work, sleep, eat, land

  1. Much of what we do here is to witness all that surrounds us, then by reflection, both inner and outer, do we create voids or fill our lives with love, such is free will or destiny. We always have a choice.

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