cool light of dawn

Hildegard von Bingen portrayed the soul as a fire-sphere descending in a stream of golden light energy form the Godhead with countless eyes whose all-pervasive seeing reaches out in the four directions to the ends of the earth. Here the soul is perceived as descending from its home in light to animate the human body. In her mystical vision, Hildegard is told by the divine voice that this is the soul burning in the fire of deepest knowing. Awakening to the realization that she is not corporeal or subject to decay she is filled with strength and joy.

The soul, then, is conceived as something ethereal that nourishes the body, flowing attributed to the soul. In Gnosticism, as well as in Stoic philosophy single human souls were thought to be sparks of the cosmic fiery ether or the world soul. When a person lived spiritual life, these sparks would grow into an abiding light. Just as sparks of insight can gradually grow into the light of wisdom, flashes of spiritual inspiration, when cultivated, illuminate the mind.

~Frances Vaughan

I forgot how to be for awhile and then….

inquiry for today~ it’s astonishing how unreal our reality really is…..

The arising and the elimination of illusion are both illusory. Illusion is not something rooted in Reality; it exists because of your dualistic thinking. I you will only cease to indulge in opposed concepts such as “ordinary” and “Enlightened,” illusion will cease of itself.

~Huang Po

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