when suffering shifts

We often think that being healed means the illness and pain will go away. But healing does not necessarily mean that the physical body will mend. Healing is not just about physical symptoms. Many people heal and still remain physically sick or even die. Many who become physically well never really heal. Healing involves clearing the pathway to the open heart- the heart that knows only connectedness. To heal, to become whole, means we no longer identify with ourselves as just this body, as just our suffering. We identify with a vaster sense of being.

~James Baraz

there is nothing we cannot handle when we focus on our path….

inquiry for today~ your compass for the day may include a little detour toward joy……

how we radiate out

In Buddhism, we talk about the fragrance of morality. It means that when you practice integrity, it’s almost like you have an extraordinary divine scent around you, and you magnetize everything you are searching for- all the goodness, virtue, joy, freedom, even enlightenment if that’s what you’re looking for. Integrity is the first step toward the highest goals you are trying to actualize in this human existence.

When we practice maintaining integrity and demonstrate it through our actions, our speech, the way we treat other people, we become extraordinary examples to inspire others. It’s like how one candle can light hundreds of candles, and those hundreds of candles can light thousands of candles. Can you imagine such an enlightened society? But we must start with ourselves. When you practice integrity, you will see the reward immediately. You’ll discover that you’re happy, that your friends and family members are happy, and even your dog is happy too. That is because of the fragrance of morality.

~Anam Thubten Rinpoche

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