tender & fragile moments

The way of the feminine is the way of connecting. And the path of the mystic leads from the illusion of separation to the reality of divine union, manifested as interdependence with all that is. To walk as a feminine mystic in this world is to recognize that our lives are interpenetrated with the lives of all sentient beings and that the One we love shines from every nexus in that web of interbeing. Whenever we tend to a single strand, we are participating in the care of the whole. When we turn our face from the suffering of any being and walk away, we are calling ourselves from our Beloved.

Recognizing the truth of interbeing, community effortlessly unfolds. This unitive awareness is not reserved for the spiritually adept. We all catch glimpses. Remember those moments of mystical melding, whether in the quietude of contemplative practice or in the rush of awe when we encounter something unspeakably beautiful, when our individual identity melts into the Oneness and sets us free? That’s when we recall that there is no separation between ourselves and Ultimate Reality. What we have been seeking has found us and absorbed us into itself. These are fleeting experiences, but they change everything.

~Mirabai Starr

this illusion I fall into day after day can really remind that I, too, have much to learn…

inquiry for today~ what is Right View, anyway?

wholesome ways

The seed of insight is in us, but it’s obscured by layers of ignorance, sorrow, and disappointment. When we practice mindfulness, we see the seed of awakening in everyone, including ourselves. In the process of learning, reflecting, and looking deeply, our view becomes increasingly wise. When we practice mindful living, Right View will blossom. With Right View, we see the way to go, and our seeing gives us faith and energy, based on our real experience. If we feel better after walking mediation, we’ll have the determination to continue the practice. When we see walking meditation bringing peace to others, we’ll have more faith in the practice, With practice, wee can discover the joy of life that is around us.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

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