the chaos that is you

It is beyond- imperative that we quiet our minds, that we allow ourselves to enter and reenter that zone of ease and effortlessness.  It is a timeless zone, when an hour of gardening might seem like a few minutes.

Time expands and bends.

The zone is different for everybody.  For me, five minutes in the garden would occur as days of misery.  Yet, I could mow myself into bliss, and not know if a few minutes or a few hours have passed.

It’s different for everybody!  

We each get to discover, to cultivate, to bathe into that energy, that space of unity.

Where do you find flow?

What do you do to drop into it?  What do you adore doing so fully that your mind softens, the wisdom of your body and heart emerge, and brilliance flows?

What did you love to do as a kid?  Those memories might hold information relevant to today; those ancient activities might be doorways back, today, for the adult that you are to quiet, to ease, to relax, to become one with, to flow.

Here’s to the flow!

Let’s honor the constriction.

Let’s celebrate our willingness to 


To always return

To those places 

Of expansion



~Aruni Futuronsky

I couldn’t possibly be anything but pure, could I?

inquiry for today~ I have seen and tasted my truth…..and you?

your tentative flow

Buddha points out that “this holy life is lived for the abandonment of becoming.” The abandonment of becoming is often called “the lion’s roar,” the expression of utter freedom and utter majesty. It is so, as mystic poet David Whyte observes that “inside everyone is a great shout of joy waiting to be born.”

May we recognize the condition of becoming every time it arises- noticing its need to be “the one who,” its need for the nametag, recognizing it as merely egoic hope for future contentment. Having seen where the nametag leads us- to a new “self,” a new birth, new suffering- surrender becomes a joy. Simply being, with no need for becoming, becomes an ease and a refuge.

~Kathleen Dowling Singh

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