your are already open

It helps us to see that we don’t have to create special circumstances to experience natural awareness. It reminds us that uncovering natural awareness takes only a second or two and does not have to be a long, drawn-out affair.

The force of our ordinary, habitual mind is very powerful. It’s constantly obscuring our capacity to experience natural awareness. Our mind is infatuated with its own drama. But we can retain it, starting with an intention and then continuing with practices that give us glimpses or whispers of natural awareness.

One little glimpse of natural awareness for a short period of time may not seem like much, but when you experience more glimpses, and they start to sustain for longer periods, they enable us to experience a fuller picture of natural awareness.

Sometimes we just need to be reminded of our own capacity for being.

~Diana Winston

when I feel discontentment, I try to come back to simply feeling…..

inquiry for today~ when we begin to see all of the things we miss by not noticing, we begin to see…kind of a funny way to do it…..

what is missing?

As we tune in to our deepest nature, our body relaxes, grounds, lines up, opens up, and lights up. We need to both sense and decode these signals if we are to benefit from them. These bodily markers are here to be seen and used as guides to enable us to more gracefully navigate life and to awaken. They are part of our birthright, available to anyone.

Awakening does not end with the discovery of our true nature as open awareness. This is only the beginning of another process.Life also invites us to discover the true nature of our body and, by extension, the world. There is a natural movement of open, loving awareness to saturate the densest levels of form in order to meet and free the areas of greatest confusion and suffering. This movement is at the heart of the Bodhisattva vow to work for the enlightenment of all beings. It is also found in Christian teachings on the power of redemptive love and Jewish teachings of tikkun olam (repairing the world). Loving awareness will liberate everything it touches, if we are honest and vulnerable enough to allow it. It fosters a great intimacy.

As the body awakens, so does the world. When we discover that the core of the body is made up of empty, vibrant, and wakeful openness, we experience the world differently. The world as other dissolves and becomes intimate. As a result, our ordinary experience is suffused with a sense of the sacred. We discover what I like to call the sacred ordinary. We feel grateful for no reason.

Nothing is extraordinary, yet everything is sacred.

~John J. Prendergast

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