living trust

Modern society is periodically rocked by upheavals, whether by assassinations, war, political turmoil, or powerful economic and environmental challenges. When upheavals happen, we can naturally feel angry or frightened. We worry for our future or for the fate of the vulnerable around us. 

To find freedom amid challenging times, we have to start where we are. If our limbic system is activated into fight, flight, or freeze mode, we lose our selves in survival consciousness. Instead, tune into your heart. That is where love, wisdom, grace, and compassion reside. With loving attention, feel into what matters most to you. Yes, there are anxious thoughts, grief and trauma, but don’t let your heart be colonized by fear. And then, with courage and calm, you can act, you can speak up, help those in need, care for the vulnerable, contribute to the whole.

~Jack Kornfield

feelings in bodies. kindness in thoughts. warmth in light.

inquiry for today~ bow to love and then notice what moves you…..

align with doubt

In this life most people don’t think about or have the desire for liberation. Even fewer have the good fortune to find a spiritual path. And fewer yet will remain on the path in their quest for the highest expression of life: total equanimity.

It’s so easy for the mind to get caught up in the chaos and distractions of the world. when worldly matters are your constant priority and you don’t take time each day for spiritual practices such as meditation, your mind and emotions will soon have their way with you. Running around bombarded with too many thoughts while caught up in day-to-day activities is . surefire way to diminish your quality of life altogether.

Striking a balance between the outer world of activity and your inner world of silence is the greatest skill in life.

~Patti Montella

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