looking out beyond

Robert Frost said that in three words, he could sum up everything he learned about life:

“It goes on.”

With changing colors and temperatures and the diminishing daylight, Fall can be a season of drama

These days I’m stunned by the meanness, self-centeredness and insensitivity in politics.

To be honest, though, I’m also a bit stunned and quite inspired by those who are sincerely and authentically excited and in awe at what is waking up in their practice.

As easy as it is to get swept up in our cultural drama, there are abundant acts of empathy, compassion, kindness and selfless service out there as well.

May you surf the waves of change and remember compassion is the lubrication that helps you let go and carry on with your heart’s calling.

~Jonathon Foust

what is it about that feeling of righteous appropriation of knowing?

inquiry for today~ one of the wisest teachings relies on beginner’s mind…of not-knowing mind……of being outside right-doing and wrong-doing…..

drowning in hope

Don’t hate. It’s too big a burden to bear.

~Martin Luther King, Jr.

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