I want to try again

Meditation is not getting to a fixed destination. It’s exploring. We get to venture into the workings of our minds; our sensations, our emotions, and thoughts. The practice of mindfulness- being curious about what’s happening in our our mind- is freeing. We come to feel that the movement of mind is not so mysterious, so we can learn to navigate sensations, thoughts, and emotions more skillfully. The voice in our head is less annoying. All the benefits of meditation arise form experiencing our mind as more workable. We can focus and guide it better, and we can also let it go. More dance, less straightjacket. But it’s not fixing. Your mind is naturally capable of mindfulness, awareness, kindness, and compassion. It’s not in need of fundamental repair.

~Barry Boyce

this primal instinct to know, categorize, and resist change…..

inquiry for today~ when you can’t let go, just don’t let go…..

this endless meandering

I have woven a parachute

out of everything broken.

~William Stafford

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