release those perfect ways

The soul lives contented
by listening,
if it wants to change 
into the beauty of 
terrifying shapes,
it tries to speak.

That’s why
you will not sing, afraid as you are
of who might join with you.

The voice hesitant,
and her hand trembling 
in the dark for yours.

She touches your face 
and says your name in the same instant.

The one you refused to say,
over and over,
the one you refused to say.

~David Whyte

to be tamed may be the loss of spirit…..

inquiry for today~ where is the wild soul showing up?

ways to empty

God won’t be in life like a bright morning.

We have to go down into the shaft

And through the hard work of mining

bring up the earth’s abundance.

We have to stand hunched over

And in tunnels dig him out.


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