What is the essence of life?

To serve others and to do good.


feel the heart of calling in the belly? in the heart? in the awareness of choice?

inquiry for today~ what happens when you scurry away from pain and withdraw?

fire in the belly- in the soul- in the dusk-

Whether what you do to alleviate suffering is small or large, compassionate action is one of the most fulfilling ways you can live your life. Vowing to keep your heart open to suffering doesn’t mean that you add to it by getting overwhelmed or burning yourself out. The point of the teachings is to create balance and well-being in your life, not overwhelming chaos. This can be hard to remember, but it is essential. While it can sometimes look like indifference, equanimity is actually based in a deep and compassionate understanding of the nature of life- that all things change, and that reacting from frustration or anger rather than responding with wisdom only creates more suffering.

~James Baraz

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