We practice letting go of judgments. As a beginning meditator, I certainly had a tendency to judge the way I was performing this new task: My breath isn’t good enough, deep enough, broad enough, subtle enough, clear enough. I found that I loaded on to the simple act of breathing all sorts of pronouncements and projections about what kind of person I was. Returning to the breath, continually letting go of these judgments, gave birth to compassion to myself.

We become aware of a calm, stable center that can steady us even when our lives are in upheaval. The better you get at concentrating your attention on the chosen object, the breath, the deeper the stillness and cal you feel. As your mind withdraws from obsessive thinking, fruitless worry, and self-recrimination, you feel a sense of refuge. You have a safe place to go, and it’s within.

~Sharon Salzberg

what do I really see?

inquiry for today~ can you settle into a good time?


Destiny hides within the unique twist of fate that makes each soul original and capable of contributing to the ongoing drama of creation and the imagination needed to transform a world of fear into a world of beauty. Myths remind us of the symbolic presence within all the lost-and-found adventures that alone can give life meaning. Losing touch with the world of myth means losing the sense that life is deeply meaningful, full of meanings trying to be revealed at each twist and turn in the ongoing drama. Truly participating requires that we find and learn to give what we have already been gifted with. A second birth and greater awakening are required in order for us to awaken to the divine word hidden within our lot in life.

~ Michael Meade

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