a calling

I am in no great haste
To call in the light
No, instead I will be still ..
Lay down a garland of devotion
Before our Mistress of the Night
And convene a generous wonder

I will sit in reverence before her ..
Her cauldron of vast mystery
Her velvet swaths of starry cloth
Obsidian black and raven wise
Her charitable amaranthine horizon
I will curl up inside her womb ..

Become a scholar to her mystic ways
Attentive to her Delphic whispers
That obey their own arching rhythm
Perhaps in her dreams I shall become
An owl .. a wolf .. or a majestic stag
A quickening rune in her deep pocket

~Rachelle Lamb

can you wait in the dark?

inquiry for today~ then when it seems like there are too many holiday lights, we find ourselves in the moments of deeper release into night…..

when we feel the season come upon us

At Christmas, time deepens. The Celtic imagination knew that time is eternity in disguise. They embraced the day as a sacred space. Christmas reminds us to glory in the simplicity and wonder of one day; it unveils the extraordinary that our hurried lives conceal and neglect. 

We have been given such immense possibilities. We desperately need to make clearances in our entangled lives to let our souls breathe. We must take care of ourselves and especially of our suffering brothers and sisters.

~John O’Donohue

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