moon. sky. cold.

Let the rest 
in this rested place 
rest for you.

Let the birds sing 
and the geese call
and the sky race
from west to east 
when you cannot raise 
a wing to fly.

Let evening
trace your loss 
in the stonework
of a fading sky.

So that 
you can give up
and give in
and be given back to.

So that you can let
come and live
fully inside you,
so that
you can
the loving path
of heartbreak 
that brought you here. 

So you can cry alone
and be alone
so you can let 
yourself alone
to be lost,

so you can
let the one 
you have lost

so that
you can let
the one 
you have lost 
have their 
own life 
and even
their own 
without you.

So the world
and everyone 
who has ever lived 
and ever died
can come and go 
as they please.

So you can
let yourself 
not know, what 
not knowing 

So that
you can be
even more generous 
in your letting go
than they 
in their leaving.

So that you can
let winter be winter.

So that you can let 
the world alone
to think of spring.

~David Whyte

how will you be when the sand is warm?

inquiry for today~ meet this full moon with deep, cold bones….

not yet dreaming of warm skies

Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high.

Then life seems almost enchanted after all.

~Vincent Van Gogh

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