who dreams?

When you get clear about what your spiritual evolution is about,

at some point you stop avoiding fear.


what do you say to those who live in fear?

inquiry for today~ seek out an imaginative playfulness today…….


You know someone loves you when they put the moon in your tea to calm your worry. You know someone is honest when they put what they’ve broken before you, not out of anger, but softly on a pillow in the middle of the house. You know you’ve found your family when they come over, no questions asked, and listen carefully, even when you have nothing to say. And to dream of birds circling ahead of you as you wander through a sunlit field means you are about to meet a friend who will touch your soul. But if you dream that you can breathe underwater, it means you will save someone in the days to come. We are touched by fantastic things that seldom speak.So be careful not to turn away the mute angels who are waiting.

~Mark Nepo

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