How do you perceive the world? Can you see everything clearly- the challenges as well as the opportunities? Or is there only what you want to see? In other words, is your vision broad and all-encompassing or restrictive and one-sided? Of course, pre-selecting tasks to avoid ambiguous and uncertain goals can be a useful thought pattern, but it may also lead to opportunities being dismissed too quickly. Is it a fault, however, to ignore risky options or is it wise to focus on those with more potential? After all, a person might have the ability to simplify reality, perceptions, and experiences, but life is more complex. It can’t be broken down into neat categories because it’s not black and white. It’s full of shades of grey.

Precisely because it is rich with nuances, life deserves more than an impulsive, oversimplistic view. Try to notice all the opportunities on offer and think twice. It’s not straightforward, but with practice, it can become possible. And even if you don’t succeed, take it as a chance to learn and grow. Try not to focus too much on the goal and think more on the way to get it.

Look objectively at the wider picture, analyze the situation again and try to identify areas of the middle ground where you might find your place. It can bring another perspective and, ultimately, turn myriad greys into a rainbow of possibilities.

The brain actually sees far more than what it allows people to register, largely using self-constructed filters to limit the constant barrage of information. But if these filters are constructed to select some elements while ignoring others, they can also distort the overall view. After all, parameters change and filters may need recalibrating for an optimal and balanced field of vision. These pointers help you to make those perceptual changes:

Try excluding absolute words from your vocabulary.

Limit time with people for whom there are only extremes.

Think beyond the narrow constructs of success and failure.

Give short shrift to your negative internal voice.

And always remember that you hold the power to transform the world from black and white into glorious color.

~Anne Guillot

I’m daydreaming. that’s all.

inquiry for today~ so good to give up focus and allow it all to be fuzzy for awhile

when the world feels small

Sometimes, the world can seem like a dizziness-inducing merry-go-round when all you want to do is be still for a while. Through the practice of enstasy, you can make a conscious choice to retreat from life’s frantic pace for a few moments each day to experience the serenity fo just being.

From the Greek word enstasis, enstasy means “standing into or within” and is used to describe the essence of withdrawing from the world (and even fro the awareness of self) for short periods of time. This can happen naturally when you’re standing in the moment or can be encouraged through techniques such as meditation, yoga or qigong.

Enstasy is an overwhelming momentary feeling of self-generated peace that connects us with the world rather than cuts us off from it, explains Jane Redfern, a nature therapist, writer and storyteller. These moments occur when we least expect them and can spring only fro mindfulness and a real presence t reality. The resulting calm could be triggered by something as simple as feeling the warmth of the sun on the back of your neck or stroking the petal of a flower. You realize that never again will you experience exactly what you are experiencing now. You are living this little bit of life. You realize that life is a miracle, that every moment is a gift.

Being able to stand within and bathe in pure consciousness can help to enable you to tune into life’s bigger picture while experiencing a deep sense of all being well in the world no matter what is happening around you.

These simple episodes of being are also essential to guard against becoming entangled in the drama of life when it feels like you’re on an emotional roller coaster and constantly attached to expectation and outcome.

~Carol Anne Strange

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