how cold it is

But your loss brought you here 
to walk under one name 
and one name only, 
and to find the guise 
under which all loss can live; 
remember, you were given that name 
every day along the way, remember, 
you were greeted as such, 
and treated as such, 
and you needed no other name.

Other people seemed to know you 
even before you gave up being a shadow 
on the road and came into the light, 
even before you sat down, 
broke bread and drank wine, 
wiped the wind-tears 
from your eyes: 
pilgrim they called you,
pilgrim they called you 
again and again. 

~David Whyte

oh. yes. find the way back in.

inquiry for today~ it’s time to feel the deep winter in our bones…..

how to forgive well

You’re never in the wrong place.

Sometimes you’re in the right place

looking at things in the wrong way.


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