the hope of reverie

We travel, some of us forever,

to seek other states,

other lives,

other souls.

~Anais Nin

when the edge of sensation is grooved with deep pain…how will you know then?

inquiry for today~ soul seeking may not be so mysterious after all….

seeking a textured life


A long dark curve is the poem in your body
is the river
is the loon’s throat. 
Have you ever asked yourself how
the loon’s voice


You know it first as change in the body. 
Even if the blue place you are dreaming
is no longer there
you must begin. 
Something that desires to lift
these heavy bones
something simple 
and beautiful
miraculous as a feather
forms along the blade
of each wing. 


Poised, no longer
you wait as every part of you sheds
what once was, 
and is no longer
Close to shore you prepare. 
And what will it cost you? 
And what is this 
haunting and wild, now
still in your throat, now
Set it free
whatever it may cost you
set it free.

~Cheryl Hellner

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