look. up. dear. moon.

To give yourself scrutiny is a smart thing because it yields interesting information you can use to make small changes. The beauty is, one, you notice things about yourself that you weren’t paying attention to before and, two, the idea of making a small change is very empowering.

Designing your life involves starting with who you are, having lots of ideas and trying things out, and then making the best choices you can. As you do that, you grow various aspects of your personality and identity that are nurtured and called upon by those experiences- you become more yourself. In this way you energize a very productive cycle of growth, naturally evolving from doing, to being, to becoming.

~Hugh Delehanty

how dark and light moons guide our release….

inquiry for today~ will you find your way to the window deep in night?

mystery bells

Genius might be the ability

to say a profound thing

in a simple way.

~Charles Bukowski

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