sky dioramas

We often relate to our thoughts, whether they’re intensely negative or not, as a reliable statement of the truth. When you’re angry, everything can seem threatening or annoying or inadequate. You believe what your thoughts are telling you. Mindfulness of thoughts allows you to be aware of a thought or strong emotion as a kind of a storm in the mind or an event in awareness. Once you see it as an event or a storm, it no longer has the same power over you.

~Jon Kabat-Zinn

I see sideways when I get all caught up….

inquiry for today~ create some space around those unanswerable knowings….

no cross talk

The letting go includes letting go of always wanting to be happy. I was recently complaining to Frieda, a friend who still loves to dance in her seventies, about the fact that my children and grandchildren live so far away. “I would be so much happier if they lived nearby,” I said.

Her response shocked me. “Happiness is overrated. you can’t always be happy, and that’s ok. That’s life. Just live your life. You’ve been unhappy sometimes in the past. Do you regret those parts of your life? Do you regret the experiences that made you unhappy?

She’s right. The more I put happiness aside, the ore easily I can settle with what is. The more I let go of being happy, the happier I am.

~Sue Moon

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