your passion

When we notice we are rigidly caught in our drama, we can try this practice in which we soften, or “melt back,” just like chocolate melts when heated.

Briefly sense into your body. Do you notice any areas of tightness? Check your belly, your ribs, your hands, your face and jaw. Now soften any part you noticed that felt tight. Think about hardened chocolate that’s beginning to melt, if that analogy is helpful. Soften your facial muscles. Unclench your belly.

Notice if you are caught in a particular thought. Sometimes when we’re hooked by a thought we have corresponding physical tightness. Did softening your body and melting back, just now, help to release the thought?

What happens to your mind as you melt back and release contractions? Feel into the soft, melty quality of your body and mind.

When you’re finished, go get a piece of chocolate.

~Diana Winston

what reminds you to feel into your own sweet animal-like breath receiving body?

inquiry for today~ grace on so many levels, yes?

sweet treats

You are not too old and it is not too late

to dive into your increasing depths

where life calmly gives out

its own secret.


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