I stole a moment

 I hear you.  Quite a lot has come your way, I know, I know.  

I am you.

And there is a part of me, this part of me, a part of us, that believes fully in the reality of Grace, that, no matter what is happening, in it there is a spiritual doorway; that the human dilemma, in all its yucky human-messiness, literally is the doorway to ease, to comfort, to a partnership with a power that is greater than ourselves.  

And I forget that, often.

I forget it



And humanly.

Dear Aruni,

Dear Everybody,

It’s okay to be scared.

It’s okay to not know how.

It’s okay to be overwhelmed.

The feelings aren’t the problem.

Let them come and let them go.

No need to believe them—watch, witness, breathe,

And keep coming back

To breath.

~Aruni Futuronsky

how can I be patient with all that is so frayed and sullen?

inquiry for today~ when it’s not ok. not really. and then?

whisper to the fire

When I sweat trying to lift
what no one can lift,
I am praying.

When I fly 1000 miles to be
stopped by the moon on the
spine of an ancient mountain,
I am praying.

When I fall on the lawn in laughter
with my dog and she won’t stop
licking my face,
I am praying.

When you are winded by the light
on the photo of your mother
who died so suddenly,
you are praying.

When your grief lets you feel the
pain of those you don’t know,
you are praying.

When life moves through us
for no reason,
we are all praying.

I am humbled that all my efforts
to pray have failed, until living is praying
with no intent.

Now, my heart is plucked
like the string of a harp
at every turn.

~Mark Nepo

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